My Personal Filofax Aston in Purple

Late last year, I really got into paper planners... again. I first started my love for paper planners when I was in grade school, although back then I used them more like a journal, writing down highlights of the day. When I was in college, I got a Tickles planner that is very similar to today's personal Filofax. Too bad Tickles discontinued their planner line. Anyway, in the advent of gadgets and technology, my paper planners were slowly overshadowed by digital planners, PDAs and eventually cell phones. 

Then while blog hopping, I came across a lady who had a paper planner and it was exactly what I wanted. I found out that the brand was Filofax. I really wanted a planner that wasn't limited as to number and arrangement of pages.  That is just what Filofax brings to the table, flexibility

Too bad, I couldn't find anybody in the Philippines who's selling Filofax Planners. Good thing I had a friend who is an online seller (Gmet Trading) and I ordered through her. Good thing also that when I went to the Filofax USA site, they were having a huge sale, I got my planner at 70% off because I later found out that they were discontinuing the Aston line. Too bad because it is actually made of good quality, supple leather. I got my planner (along with other Filofax accessories) after 3 weeks, in perfect condition. 

I also downloaded the free month on two pages from Limetree Fruits. I also bought the Leonie Dawson Printable Amazing Biz and Life Workbooks and Calendars.  I also watched loads of youtube videos and made my own laminated dividers. (yes, I bugged hubby into buying me a personal laminating machine just for this purpose) I was addicted for a while... a long while. Ok, I'm addicted until now! haha! I have since bought expensive leather planners and inexpensive cutesie ones and I love them all!

I must admit, my planners has helped me be more organized. Especially during times when I feel so overwhelmed with so many tasks to be done. Writing them down makes all the difference! Seeing them on paper gives me power over them, I get to label these tasks, I get to schedule them and the best part is that I get to cross them off once their done. It really helps unburden my mind!

So now just as the new year begins, I say thank you for paper planners! I will definitely continue using them in 2014!

Revlon ColorStay Nail Polish, Orly Quick Dry Top Coat and Etude House Nail Remover

Yes you read right, it is not a typo. Etude House, actually calls their nail polish remover "Nail Remover". I was actually scared when I first saw it. Do they actually make sure that your polish is removed to the point that even the nail is almost removed? Rest assured that is not the case, I guess this is just their version of the Nail Polish Remover. (go figure)

First things first, while my hubby and I were doing our Christmas shopping, we saw that Revlon was having a 30% off sale. Too bad, I just replenished my make up kit a while ago and didn't really need anything, I bought a brown-black Revlon ColorStay eyeliner a couple of weeks ago. Too bad I missed the sale =(

Anyway,  even though I didn't really need anything, that didn't stop me from checking out the counter. I was browsing through the different products when I saw their line of ColorStay nail polishes. Nail polish has always been my weakness. I love 'em but I just don't know how to apply them on my nails and I just don't know how to keep them on for a long time. So, after I justified my need for a ColorStay nail polish to myself, I decided to buy one while it's on sale. I chose the French Roast shade which is a reddish brown shade. It costs P300++.
Revlon ColorStay Nail Polish in French Roast and Orly Quick-Dry Top Coat

I  also got an Orly Quick Dry Top Coat. As mentioned many times, I have a hard time apply polish and when I do finally finish applying them, I have a tendency to ruin them almost immediately. So I thought a good quality quick dry top coat would be a good investment. I actually got a Sally Hansen one a while ago but even though it promised to dry my nails within 30 seconds it didn't happen. So when I finished that bottle, I decided to try another brand. The Orly brand is slightly more expensive at P449 but it was easier to apply and it did dry within seconds. I love it!

I applied this French Roast Revlon ColorStay nail polish for our holiday celebrations. It wasn't perfect but I thought it was ok. In fairness, the nail polish did last for a week despite numerous encounters with the rogue sticky tape during the marathon gift wrapping and heavy manual dish washing duties during reunions. I am very satisfied. =)

Today though, I decided to remove my nail polish. It was already starting to chip off on the edges but generally it still looked fine. I just wanted a red nail polish for another reunion this weekend. To remove the nail polish, I used my Etude House Acetone Free Moisturizing Nail Remover. The product promises to take care of your nails by moisturizing them instead of drying them whenever you use them. Hmm.. I was intrigued. I decided to try it. I already forgot how much it costs because I bought it a while back, but it was the most expensive among their line of nail polish removers. 
Etude House Nail Polish Remover, as is (aloe vera oil seperates) and when shaken

The moisturizing part is due to the aloe vera oil that is incorporated into the product. If you let it stand for a while, they actually separate, so whenever you put some product on the cotton ball  you have to shake it to mix the oil and the nail polish remover. Otherwise you'll just get the oil and you're basically just moisturizing your nails. 

I am a bit disappointed with this product. It took longer for me to remove the nail polish. I think it was both partly because of the ColorStay factor and because the remover was too gentle and moisturizing. I also found it irritating to have to shake the bottle whenever I dab my cotton ball, but that's just me. I don't think I'll wait to empty that bottle. It will be a waste but using it is so time consuming!

So there, I just wanted to share my experiences with my new nail products. 

Merry Christmas!

Thank you Lord for the greatest gift of all!

Merry Christmas every body!

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20: Boys and Girls

ANTM's Jourdan
This is my current guilty pleasure, watching America's Next Top Model on cable's ETC channel. When I first found out that cycle 20 will feature both girls and boys, I thought it was a bad idea. After only a few episodes, I saw the models matching up and flirting and I found it irritating! I just knew it!

I don't really follow ANTM episodes but somehow I catch them when I turn on the TV. Note to self: you're watching ttoo much TV! haha. Plus I get really kilig whenever I see Bryan Boy on the panel. Wow! A fellow Pinoy on Tyra's inner circle!

Then the other models I didn't like got eliminated, and I realized that I have been following the competition closely. I have actually a favorite! Jourdan! Her face is so pretty, and she has so much character at such a young age! I mean, divorced at 19, wow! Plus I think she has a good work ethic, she does her best every shoot (best photo almost every week!), she has no qualms about delivering whatever the shoot requires no matter how out-of-this-world and she stands up for what she believes in.

I really hope Jourdan wins this cycle, she really deserves it!

Photo Credit: Pottle Productions Inc

Look young...longer!

What a catchy title huh? Who doesn't want to look and feel young forever? When I was in my early 20's, I used to read a lot of articles about taking good care of the skin, as prevention for wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark spots etc. that will surely come with age… I never really took them to heart, after all I was still young. My skin was still taut and wrinkle free. Now I’m in my 30’s, and I’m forcing myself to come to terms with the fact that we are all aging by the minute, by the second. It is a fact of life. It is also evidenced by the dull face that peers back at me in the bathroom mirror every morning. There is no procrastinating with age. We’ll get old as sure as the sun rises and sets. We can’t do anything about it really except to try to age as gracefully as possible. Here’s how:
  • Start a skincare routine. Regular washing of the face before going to bed is not considered as a routine! It involves a process, a series of steps. If you haven’t been cleansing, toning and moisturizing, better start now.
  • Use a sun block. Yeah-yeah, I know you’ve heard it all before, ultraviolet rays and stuff right? It is often said because it is true. Our ozone layer is getting thinner at a rapid pace, it is not capable of protecting us from the harsh rays of the sun anymore, we need help. When going out, apply sun block on your face and other exposed parts of your body.
  • Be conscious of what you eat. Garbage in, pimply and dull skin out. Try to stay away from fatty foods and alcohol. Load up on leaf veggies and fresh fruits. Foods rich in B complex vitamins will help give you a youthful glow.
  • Quit smoking. Not only is smoking bad for your health, it is bad for your skin as well. It causes skin to dry up, not to mention the pucker marks that can worsen with age.
  • Have enough sleep. Take in at least 8 hours of snooze so that skins cells can regenerate and undergo repair. Also, night sleep is irreplaceable.
  • Smile. No amount of make up can beautify a frowning face. A frown not only uses up more muscles, It also causes ugly frown lines. So smile, even if you feel like there is nothing to smile about… if you look hard enough, I’m sure you’ll find something.
It is a mistake to regard old age as a downhill grade toward dissolution. The reverse is true. As one grows older, one climbs with surprising strides - Sands

* photo from  (

The Body Shop's Member's Exclusive

Oops! Found out about this sale only now, on its LAST DAY!! Go ahead and grab this chance!

Start the week by pampering yourself from head to toe! Just present your SM Advantage card or BDO rewards card in-store and get 40% off bath & body, hair products and accessories until TODAY ONLY! 

Hurry and see you at any The Body Shop stores in SM Malls nationwide.

Members' Exclusive!

Celeteque Brightening Multi-benefit BB Cream

Being a woman with large pores, I read somewhere that BB creams are better to cover up my pores. I've tried Maybelline BB stick and I love its effects on my face, the coverage is great but it does clog my pores and quite difficult to remove. 

I decided to try Celeteque's Brightening Multi-benefit BB Cream. I figured that Celeteque is known for being gentle and caring for one's skin. Actually, I was quite surprised to know that the brand offered a BB cream.  Not only does it claim to cover up one's blemishes, with the help of the Biowhite technology, it has other benefits as well as whitening and moisturizing. You can apply it liberally on your face and neck before make up and it will act as your moisturizer, primer and make-up base. It will help the make-up last a bit longer. 

I bought a tube and immediately tried it. Here's my review.  I put a small amount on my hand. It felt smooth and light on the skin. Here are some swatches.

Smell was ok, it didn't smell like old make-up. =) Coverage was light to medium. It was really easy to apply. Too bad the Celeteque BB Cream is available in one shade only. Some might find this limiting as it might be too light for some skin tones. Luckily, it fit well with my skin tone. Having a combination skin though, I found that I had to put on some powder on top of it because the finish is a bit shiny and after a few hours, my T zone was already oily. It is best to have blotting paper ready and to touch up every few hours to maintain matte finish. It was easy to remove too. 

My Verdict:

Affordable at less than P300.
Easily available, can be bought at Watson's and beauty counters at SM Department stores.
Easy to apply.
Gentle on the skin, doesn't clog pores
Has SPF 15 and acts as moisturizer and make-up base
Easy to remove 

Not So Good:
Has only one shade
Not a matte finish
Pores still visible after application
Combination/oily skin is oily again after a few hours. 

I like how it is gentle on my skin and that it has SPF but it doesn't really work that well for me as a BB cream. I think I'd just finish my tube but I won't repurchase anymore. I would definitely recommend it for people with dry or sensitive skin beause they won't need heavy coverage and won't be as oily after a while. 

I hear Garnier has a BB cream for Oily and Combination Skin. I'd have to try this once it is available here. 


Watson's Nose Pore Strips

Years ago, my mom brought me to the dermatologist for the very first time. I was still in my early twenties and she wanted to get me started on a good skin regimen. The dermatologist said that genetics granted me with big (huge) pores, and there’s nothing I can do about it, except to make sure that I keep them clean so that there will be no blockage that can cause pimples and breakouts. Then she gave me a facial. The facial itself was ok,  what I found really traumatic was the pricking. My huge pores gives me huge blackheads, especially on the nose area. Unlike others who get itsy bitsy white and blackheads, I get really numerous and big blackheads. So the doctor had a field day taking them off. My face was literally red and swollen by the time she finished. My eyes were swollen too by all the tears I shed. It was really PAINFUL! They were all involuntary tears, the kind you automatically get when you get really hurt. My doctor told me that it was painful because it was my first visit, I should make my visits monthly so that my pores will get used to the attack (my words) and it will not hurt as much. As I said, I found that visit really traumatic. My mom had the best intentions but my face hated her for it.

I didn’t return the next month.

It was until I found my blackheads too distracting whenever I look in the mirror that I gathered enough courage to go back to the dermatologist. Same scenario. Same trauma. I even tried to make it monthly just to test if my skin will get used to the pain. I went for four months straight. Still too painful.

Thankfully, I discovered nose pore strips. The first one I tried before was a Chinese brand.  It was initially liquid, but as you apply it on your face, it turns gooey solid. After a few minutes, you peel it off your nose, pulling the stuck blackheads with it. It’s not as thorough as a dermatologist, but it’s not as painful too.

Nose Pore Strips

Then I discovered Watson’s sold boxed nose pore strips of various kinds. The brand is Glam Works. There’s the classic, charcoal and green tea. They usually cost P99 for a box containing 12 strips, but when I bought my supply, they were having a sale 2 boxes for the price of one! I’ve already tried the charcoal variety so I decided to try the  classic and green tea variants. I really liked the charcoal nose strips. It really grabbed on the blackheads, but it left a black residue on my skin that I found yucky.  When I tried the classic pore strip, I didn’t leave any residue, but it wasn’t as effective at pulling out the blackheads. I found that it pulled only the big ones, leaving the little ones still on my skin. I’ve still yet to try the green tea one. I hope this is better. Will post my thoughts on this when I get the chance to test it.  

I Finally Found a Solution For My Cuticles!

I don't like going to the parlor. I feel that paying for a manicure and pedicure is just too much. I can buy a whole bottle of branded nail polish with the amount they're charging. So the cheapo in me just refuses to avail of professional services. The problem is that I'm not really good in doing my own mani and pedi.

That's why I was so happy when I watched a YouTube video sharing tips about cleaning and conditioning the cuticles so that they'll be easy to clean and maintain.

She (I forgot her YT name and channel, sorry) talked about a cuticle remover that you'd just drop on your cuticles, wait for 30 seconds as the cuticles soften and melt, and then you can go and wipe off the gunk away. Voila, clean nail beds in seconds! No more pushing and scraping!

After watching the video,  I went off and looked for this dropper. I initially found the Sally Hansen Problem Cuticle Remover Aloe Formula. It costs P300++.

Kwala Love

Kwala Love

It already contains 2 bamboo manicure sticks. I couldn't find a liquid solution so I figured a lotion type cuticle remover is the closest thing I can get. Off I went to the cashier, which had a long line, and paid for my purchase. Just as I was heading for the door, guess what I saw: a liquid cuticle remover!

I found the American brand Kiss No More Cuticles Cuticle Remover, exactly what I was looking for! I decided to get it too, plus a cuticle and nail balm from the same brand so I can condition my cuticles. This way, the next time they grow, they won't be as hard and easier to remove. Both are also P300++ each.  I also got a 4-way nail shaper (P70++) since they didn't carry a glass file. I heard somewhere that glass nail files are gentler on the nails than emery boards or metal files. All of them are available at Landmark Department Store in Trinoma.

Kwala Love

Kwala Love

I tried it and it was so easy to use! Just put a drop on each cuticle, wait for a few seconds and wipe off with a tissue. Don't leave it on for too long because the solution can harm your nail beds.

At night I also apply the cuticle and nail balm on my finger and toe nails, so I can keep them soft and conditioned. Dry cuticles are the hardest to remove, so better to maintain them with this balm so that they will be easier to clean.

I am so happy I discovered this solution to my cuticles! Now I have better looking nails! =)

ELF Eyelid Primer

elf eyeshadow primer

elf eyeshadow primer 

elf eyeshadow primer

I have really oily eyelids. This is why whenever I try to put on eye make-up, it doesn't last that long. That's why I was so happy when I discovered that other people actually have this problem too. And that there are actually products out there that addresses this problem. I discovered this very affordable eyelid primer from Eyes Lips Face or E.l.f. It comes in this little tube and contains 5 ml of product. It comes with a wand with a spongy thing at the tip which makes application really easy. 

After all the skincare ritual (clean, tone, moisturize), apply this on the lids. It glides on the lids smoothly and leaves a powdery, matte feel to make the eyeshadow and eye liners stick on better and last longer. Even if you plan on just putting on gel liner, it is good to put primer first to avoid smudging. 

I can't remember how much it really costs but I think it was only about P129 or thereabouts. It is easily available at SM Department Stores at the Elf Make-up counters. 

When I did try this, I was so happy because it worked! Haha! My eyeshadow lasted longer. If you want it to last even longer, I guess you should put on more shadow. I put just enough to color my lids and it lasted up to after lunch, which is an improvement in my experience. 

Go ahead and try the elf eyelid primer. It is affordable, readily available, and really easy to apply. =)

Cutie Mickey Mouse Ecobags

While Berto and I were shopping in the Robinson's Department Store in Festival Mall, shopping for last minute items we thought Berto would need for his outing with other photographer friends in Baler, we saw this cute ecobag near the counter. We all know that ecobags are so in nowadays since there are so many places that ban plastic bags. I am one of those people who own a lot of reusable bags, some received as gifts while some were bought out of necessity, but I always forget to bring them with me whenever I go out. So frustrating. I try to resisit buying these ecobags as much as I can because I already have a lot, but I just couldn't resist this mickey mouse bag! Berto loved it as well!

Mickey Mouse Reusable Eco Bag

View from the side

So affordable!
For only P39.75 it is so affordable. Now if I could only remember to bring it with me the next time I go out to shop!

Basic Personal Makeup Workshop held at Glambox Studio

A few days ago, I chanced upon Say Tioco Artillero's instagram account saying that she will be having a basic makeup workshop. I immediately texted her number to inquire if there were available slots. She replied in just a few minutes confirming that yes she still has a couple of slots l left. I decided I wanted to attend. I have been watching Say's YouTube beauty videos and vlogs and I find her funny and thorough in her reviews. Her videos are so amusing that I keep coming back for more!

I worked in corporate for years and when I first set foot in Makati, my makeup kit contained only my face powder and one shade of lipstick. Over the years, my kikay kit grew but I never really learned how to use makeup well. I would just make sure I powdered my face, lined my brows, curled my lashes (without mascara) and put on some lipstick then I'm good to go. I never learned the fine art of eyeshadow and blushes. I had no idea how to blend or contour or highlight.

Now that I work from home, have more time and opportunity to experiment with colors and makeup. So I decided to learn the basics thru YouTube videos, and that's where I got to "know" Say and other makeup gurus.

Yesterday hubby dropped me off at the Glambox Studio located at the corner of Gamboa and Salcedo streets in Legaspi Village Makati City. When I arrived Say was filming one of her videos which was a collaboration with her fellow YouTuber , a 12 year old girl who also gives make up tutorials for young girls. (I will have to check her channel out) it was fun watching the actual filming.. It gave me ideas on how I would film hubby in this project we're cooking up..

My first impression, this girl was taller than I expected. =) She looked smaller in her videos. And she's so bubbly, and perky, and nice.

Anyway, we only had 2 hours for the workshop. It started well enough with Say telling us tips about basic skin care, answering our questions . I have oily/combination skin and apparently I still needed to moisturize everyday. I just have to choose a water-based product so I won't be greasy.

She went on to explain the merits of putting on primer before applying makeup to make it last longer. She then took our "before" photo. She also taught us how to find out what the right shade of foundation for our skin tones. She proceeded to apply foundation on the model as she encouraged us to do the same ourselves. After the foundation came the powder, blush, eyebrows, eyeshadow, lashes and lipstick. She also taught us how to switch from day makeup to nighttime makeup.

Say let us use her products and brushes. She also had lots of tips and stories as she went along with the workshop. She would hop over from one participant to another checking our progress, answering our questions, demonstrating the correct technique. She then took our "after" picture.

In the end, 2 hours are just not enough! Haha... She gave us our certificates, recorded our comments for her vlog and even offered to trim the other girls' eyebrows. Too bad hubby and I had a photo coverage to go to or I would have stayed longer.

I do admire this young lady who has identified what she wanted to do with her life early on and is now pursuing her dreams. I really enjoyed Say's makeup workshop. I would recommend it to girls and professionals who'd want to learn the basics of putting on makeup. This July she will again be having a series of makeup workshops. For more info follow her on instagram @saytioco and subscribe to her YouTube channel

Frustrated Over Nail Polish

Back when I was in the corporate world, I loved to polish my nails. I give myself regular mani-pedis. I do it myself because I get so paranoid about hearing and reading horror stories about how nails and toes/fingers get "murdered" by beauty parlors and nail salons. The good: I get to choose my nail polish brands and shades, the bad: the end result is never as good as the ones done in the salon. Oh well. It's a small compromise for safety and convenience. 

Back to my kwento. Back when I was in the corporate world, I was confined to "safe" earth tone colors. I had to stick to shades of beige and pink. I had to confine my firetruck red nail polish to my toes only since they're hidden. Now that I'm a wahm, I always thought I'd get to pamper myself more, changing nail polish shades every week, trying all the different colors, not just the reds and purples but blues and greens... Two months into my new life, still no nail polish, in fact no mani-pedi! Waaah! How can I let this happen?

So now I vow to give myself a much needed mani-pedi as soon as I can. I'll post these colorful images as inspiration:

Here are some pics from my friend Sarah Lynn. I hope I can do my nails as well as she does...

Wish me luck!

The Body Shop's Valentine's Day Promo

Let me just share with you guys my favorite shop's valentine's day promo. The best way to celebrate this season of love? Look and feel your best for your loved one! Of course these make lovely gifts too.

They have special and delicious Chocomania and Strawberry gift sets:

These yummy goodies are on sale too. 20% off Valentine's themed gifts. 
LYB exclusive offer: Buy 2 get 1 free on selected Chocomania and Strawberry gift sets until Feb. 17 '13 only. 

Beauty Tips for Work-At- Home Moms

After years of yearning for it, it has finally happened. I have become a Work at Home Mom. It has its perks, but I discovered it’s not all roses either. Sure, I get to sleep in everyday, but I sleep real late too, depending on the projects I have to finish. This schedule wreaks havoc to my daily routine.  Often I get to take a bath at night instead of the usual morning.  With this kind of lifestyle, a mom can easily let herself go. It’s so easy to just tumble out of bed, fix breakfast for the hubby or the children, cook, clean, and work without even taking a peak in the mirror. What a big difference from my life back in the corporate world, where appearance is everything and work starts with a face fully made up and pulse points fragranced by perfume.

Being a work at home mom should not be an excuse to let one’s self go.  Here are some beauty tips for WAHMS like me.

Exercise. Being at home all the time opens you to the temptation of working right out of your kitchen, where all the snacks and goodies are found. Resist! And if you can’t, well just exercise. I try to hop on my elliptical trainer whenever I can. Operative word here is TRY…

Elliptical Trainer

Drink lots of water. You should always hydrate. So what if there’s no more water fountain in the corner to gossip in, you should still get your required 8 glasses of water. This will do wonders to your skin and your digestion. I use a Lock and Lock 750ml plastic bottle so I can monitor just how much water I’ve already consumed for the day.

Lock and Lock Water Bottle

Moisturize. All skin types are prone to dryness, yes even the oily types. Dryness is the biggest cause of wrinkles. ‘Nuff said. Moisturize! Twice a day, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to use sunblock as well. When I stepped into my 30’s, I started using Olay products, and now that I’m in my MID 30’s I’ve been pushed into liking the Olay Regenerist line.

 Use perfume or cologne.  Smelling good boosts confidence. So what if we’ve got nowhere else to go or meet for the day, spritz on some cologne and immediately feel the emotional boost it brings. I usually choose citrusy scents but lately I discovered this affordable scent from Bench: Purple by Kris Aquino. It is a Eau de Toilette at only P198 for a 30ml bottle. It smells girly and sweet. I love it!

I hope these tips help newbieWAHMs like me. Working at home is no excuse to be losyang. 

My Japan Home Loot

A few days ago, hubby and I were in Blue Wave Marquinton to have some pictures developed. We passed by the Japan Home Centre and just had to go in. We always do this, just to browse through aisles and aisles of various goodies. I was initially looking for a quirky coaster to put my coffee mug and water container on but I couldn't find any. What I did find was far more adorable! 

I found a cookie-shaped mug cover and a cutie Hello Kitty mouse pad.

Once you get past the wrong spelling, you'll get to appreciate the usefulness of this "mag cover" lol! 
I always complain of my coffee getting too cold too soon. Ever when ordering in Starbucks I ask for extra hot coffee because I can't drink cold coffee. I find it bleech! So I was so happy to find this mug cover that can be transferred to different mugs and actually fits most of them.

Recently, in my effort to plan my daughter's 7th birthday party, I have again discovered and renewed my love for everything pink and Hello Kitty. I have been trying to brain wash my daughter into choosing Hello Kitty for her theme but I am losing that battle in favor of the Disney Princesses. Oh well. Kitty always has a fan in me.

Here's my practical and yummy looking cookie mug cover in action. My Starbucks mug has a wide rim but can still be covered by my "cookie".

Here's my adorable Hello Kitty mouse pad. That's my lovely white wireless A4Tech Mouse on her. 
We bought the mug cover and the mouse pad for only P88 each!
Love, love, love! 
I'll have to go back and comb through the aisles again, who knows what treasure I'll find next time!

This Year Calls For Planning and Organization

I have always been a scatter brain. Nothing new to me. What came as a surprise is the fact that I get anxiety/panic attacks when I feel overwhelmed by the things I need to do. I found this out when I was still part of the corporate world (officially I am still part of the corporate world till January 17 but whatever). I had tons of things to do, I’d bring work home and still go to the office of weekends! Despite all my effort, there were still lots of things to be done! I would feel burdened with the things I still have to do that I’d end up worrying about them too much and not accomplishing anything.

This is why I have always been attracted to organizers and planners. Gadgets galore! I was a Palm brand loyalist, from the pda handhelds to Treo smart phones. I’d go off on a great start, putting in all my to do’s and calendar items. Then I’d lose interest, then well, I’d stop.

 All this changed when I came across a good ‘ol paper planner in Fino, a fine leatherware store here in the Philippines. I got it on sale last October. It was originally at P3,750 but I got it at only P1,500 only because its inserts were still 2012. I figured I can always buy 2013 also available at Fino for P450.

 Here she is in lovely, shiny maroon authentic leather!

FINO Leather Planner
With my handwritten, homemade tabs

I decided to call her Jody after one of my favorite photographers. I was so excited to set her up. I looked for ideas on the net and that was when I found out there was a huge following for paper planners! Here I was feeling old and traditional when elsewhere in the world there are people clamoring for planners just like me. I found out they loved the Filofax brand in particular. I discovered the Philofaxy blog and learned a lot more. It didn’t take long before I was browsing the Filofax USA website for find out what the fuss is all about.

 Did I fall into the Filofax bandwagon?? Find out next time!
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