My Personal Filofax Aston in Purple

Late last year, I really got into paper planners... again. I first started my love for paper planners when I was in grade school, although back then I used them more like a journal, writing down highlights of the day. When I was in college, I got a Tickles planner that is very similar to today's personal Filofax. Too bad Tickles discontinued their planner line. Anyway, in the advent of gadgets and technology, my paper planners were slowly overshadowed by digital planners, PDAs and eventually cell phones. 

Then while blog hopping, I came across a lady who had a paper planner and it was exactly what I wanted. I found out that the brand was Filofax. I really wanted a planner that wasn't limited as to number and arrangement of pages.  That is just what Filofax brings to the table, flexibility

Too bad, I couldn't find anybody in the Philippines who's selling Filofax Planners. Good thing I had a friend who is an online seller (Gmet Trading) and I ordered through her. Good thing also that when I went to the Filofax USA site, they were having a huge sale, I got my planner at 70% off because I later found out that they were discontinuing the Aston line. Too bad because it is actually made of good quality, supple leather. I got my planner (along with other Filofax accessories) after 3 weeks, in perfect condition. 

I also downloaded the free month on two pages from Limetree Fruits. I also bought the Leonie Dawson Printable Amazing Biz and Life Workbooks and Calendars.  I also watched loads of youtube videos and made my own laminated dividers. (yes, I bugged hubby into buying me a personal laminating machine just for this purpose) I was addicted for a while... a long while. Ok, I'm addicted until now! haha! I have since bought expensive leather planners and inexpensive cutesie ones and I love them all!

I must admit, my planners has helped me be more organized. Especially during times when I feel so overwhelmed with so many tasks to be done. Writing them down makes all the difference! Seeing them on paper gives me power over them, I get to label these tasks, I get to schedule them and the best part is that I get to cross them off once their done. It really helps unburden my mind!

So now just as the new year begins, I say thank you for paper planners! I will definitely continue using them in 2014!


  1. hi, so you ordered from filofas online then had them shipped here in the Philippines? I want to own a Filofax also..

    1. Hi Michelle! Yeah, I ordered from Gmet Shoppers. She's a very reliable online seller. I know her personally and have bought several things from her. She has a facebook page, just search for Gmet. Thanks!


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