Watson's Nose Pore Strips

Years ago, my mom brought me to the dermatologist for the very first time. I was still in my early twenties and she wanted to get me started on a good skin regimen. The dermatologist said that genetics granted me with big (huge) pores, and there’s nothing I can do about it, except to make sure that I keep them clean so that there will be no blockage that can cause pimples and breakouts. Then she gave me a facial. The facial itself was ok,  what I found really traumatic was the pricking. My huge pores gives me huge blackheads, especially on the nose area. Unlike others who get itsy bitsy white and blackheads, I get really numerous and big blackheads. So the doctor had a field day taking them off. My face was literally red and swollen by the time she finished. My eyes were swollen too by all the tears I shed. It was really PAINFUL! They were all involuntary tears, the kind you automatically get when you get really hurt. My doctor told me that it was painful because it was my first visit, I should make my visits monthly so that my pores will get used to the attack (my words) and it will not hurt as much. As I said, I found that visit really traumatic. My mom had the best intentions but my face hated her for it.

I didn’t return the next month.

It was until I found my blackheads too distracting whenever I look in the mirror that I gathered enough courage to go back to the dermatologist. Same scenario. Same trauma. I even tried to make it monthly just to test if my skin will get used to the pain. I went for four months straight. Still too painful.

Thankfully, I discovered nose pore strips. The first one I tried before was a Chinese brand.  It was initially liquid, but as you apply it on your face, it turns gooey solid. After a few minutes, you peel it off your nose, pulling the stuck blackheads with it. It’s not as thorough as a dermatologist, but it’s not as painful too.

Nose Pore Strips

Then I discovered Watson’s sold boxed nose pore strips of various kinds. The brand is Glam Works. There’s the classic, charcoal and green tea. They usually cost P99 for a box containing 12 strips, but when I bought my supply, they were having a sale 2 boxes for the price of one! I’ve already tried the charcoal variety so I decided to try the  classic and green tea variants. I really liked the charcoal nose strips. It really grabbed on the blackheads, but it left a black residue on my skin that I found yucky.  When I tried the classic pore strip, I didn’t leave any residue, but it wasn’t as effective at pulling out the blackheads. I found that it pulled only the big ones, leaving the little ones still on my skin. I’ve still yet to try the green tea one. I hope this is better. Will post my thoughts on this when I get the chance to test it.  

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