Cutie Mickey Mouse Ecobags

While Berto and I were shopping in the Robinson's Department Store in Festival Mall, shopping for last minute items we thought Berto would need for his outing with other photographer friends in Baler, we saw this cute ecobag near the counter. We all know that ecobags are so in nowadays since there are so many places that ban plastic bags. I am one of those people who own a lot of reusable bags, some received as gifts while some were bought out of necessity, but I always forget to bring them with me whenever I go out. So frustrating. I try to resisit buying these ecobags as much as I can because I already have a lot, but I just couldn't resist this mickey mouse bag! Berto loved it as well!

Mickey Mouse Reusable Eco Bag

View from the side

So affordable!
For only P39.75 it is so affordable. Now if I could only remember to bring it with me the next time I go out to shop!

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