My Personal Filofax Aston in Purple

Late last year, I really got into paper planners... again. I first started my love for paper planners when I was in grade school, although back then I used them more like a journal, writing down highlights of the day. When I was in college, I got a Tickles planner that is very similar to today's personal Filofax. Too bad Tickles discontinued their planner line. Anyway, in the advent of gadgets and technology, my paper planners were slowly overshadowed by digital planners, PDAs and eventually cell phones. 

Then while blog hopping, I came across a lady who had a paper planner and it was exactly what I wanted. I found out that the brand was Filofax. I really wanted a planner that wasn't limited as to number and arrangement of pages.  That is just what Filofax brings to the table, flexibility

Too bad, I couldn't find anybody in the Philippines who's selling Filofax Planners. Good thing I had a friend who is an online seller (Gmet Trading) and I ordered through her. Good thing also that when I went to the Filofax USA site, they were having a huge sale, I got my planner at 70% off because I later found out that they were discontinuing the Aston line. Too bad because it is actually made of good quality, supple leather. I got my planner (along with other Filofax accessories) after 3 weeks, in perfect condition. 

I also downloaded the free month on two pages from Limetree Fruits. I also bought the Leonie Dawson Printable Amazing Biz and Life Workbooks and Calendars.  I also watched loads of youtube videos and made my own laminated dividers. (yes, I bugged hubby into buying me a personal laminating machine just for this purpose) I was addicted for a while... a long while. Ok, I'm addicted until now! haha! I have since bought expensive leather planners and inexpensive cutesie ones and I love them all!

I must admit, my planners has helped me be more organized. Especially during times when I feel so overwhelmed with so many tasks to be done. Writing them down makes all the difference! Seeing them on paper gives me power over them, I get to label these tasks, I get to schedule them and the best part is that I get to cross them off once their done. It really helps unburden my mind!

So now just as the new year begins, I say thank you for paper planners! I will definitely continue using them in 2014!

Revlon ColorStay Nail Polish, Orly Quick Dry Top Coat and Etude House Nail Remover

Yes you read right, it is not a typo. Etude House, actually calls their nail polish remover "Nail Remover". I was actually scared when I first saw it. Do they actually make sure that your polish is removed to the point that even the nail is almost removed? Rest assured that is not the case, I guess this is just their version of the Nail Polish Remover. (go figure)

First things first, while my hubby and I were doing our Christmas shopping, we saw that Revlon was having a 30% off sale. Too bad, I just replenished my make up kit a while ago and didn't really need anything, I bought a brown-black Revlon ColorStay eyeliner a couple of weeks ago. Too bad I missed the sale =(

Anyway,  even though I didn't really need anything, that didn't stop me from checking out the counter. I was browsing through the different products when I saw their line of ColorStay nail polishes. Nail polish has always been my weakness. I love 'em but I just don't know how to apply them on my nails and I just don't know how to keep them on for a long time. So, after I justified my need for a ColorStay nail polish to myself, I decided to buy one while it's on sale. I chose the French Roast shade which is a reddish brown shade. It costs P300++.
Revlon ColorStay Nail Polish in French Roast and Orly Quick-Dry Top Coat

I  also got an Orly Quick Dry Top Coat. As mentioned many times, I have a hard time apply polish and when I do finally finish applying them, I have a tendency to ruin them almost immediately. So I thought a good quality quick dry top coat would be a good investment. I actually got a Sally Hansen one a while ago but even though it promised to dry my nails within 30 seconds it didn't happen. So when I finished that bottle, I decided to try another brand. The Orly brand is slightly more expensive at P449 but it was easier to apply and it did dry within seconds. I love it!

I applied this French Roast Revlon ColorStay nail polish for our holiday celebrations. It wasn't perfect but I thought it was ok. In fairness, the nail polish did last for a week despite numerous encounters with the rogue sticky tape during the marathon gift wrapping and heavy manual dish washing duties during reunions. I am very satisfied. =)

Today though, I decided to remove my nail polish. It was already starting to chip off on the edges but generally it still looked fine. I just wanted a red nail polish for another reunion this weekend. To remove the nail polish, I used my Etude House Acetone Free Moisturizing Nail Remover. The product promises to take care of your nails by moisturizing them instead of drying them whenever you use them. Hmm.. I was intrigued. I decided to try it. I already forgot how much it costs because I bought it a while back, but it was the most expensive among their line of nail polish removers. 
Etude House Nail Polish Remover, as is (aloe vera oil seperates) and when shaken

The moisturizing part is due to the aloe vera oil that is incorporated into the product. If you let it stand for a while, they actually separate, so whenever you put some product on the cotton ball  you have to shake it to mix the oil and the nail polish remover. Otherwise you'll just get the oil and you're basically just moisturizing your nails. 

I am a bit disappointed with this product. It took longer for me to remove the nail polish. I think it was both partly because of the ColorStay factor and because the remover was too gentle and moisturizing. I also found it irritating to have to shake the bottle whenever I dab my cotton ball, but that's just me. I don't think I'll wait to empty that bottle. It will be a waste but using it is so time consuming!

So there, I just wanted to share my experiences with my new nail products. 

Merry Christmas!

Thank you Lord for the greatest gift of all!

Merry Christmas every body!
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