I Finally Found a Solution For My Cuticles!

I don't like going to the parlor. I feel that paying for a manicure and pedicure is just too much. I can buy a whole bottle of branded nail polish with the amount they're charging. So the cheapo in me just refuses to avail of professional services. The problem is that I'm not really good in doing my own mani and pedi.

That's why I was so happy when I watched a YouTube video sharing tips about cleaning and conditioning the cuticles so that they'll be easy to clean and maintain.

She (I forgot her YT name and channel, sorry) talked about a cuticle remover that you'd just drop on your cuticles, wait for 30 seconds as the cuticles soften and melt, and then you can go and wipe off the gunk away. Voila, clean nail beds in seconds! No more pushing and scraping!

After watching the video,  I went off and looked for this dropper. I initially found the Sally Hansen Problem Cuticle Remover Aloe Formula. It costs P300++.

Kwala Love

Kwala Love

It already contains 2 bamboo manicure sticks. I couldn't find a liquid solution so I figured a lotion type cuticle remover is the closest thing I can get. Off I went to the cashier, which had a long line, and paid for my purchase. Just as I was heading for the door, guess what I saw: a liquid cuticle remover!

I found the American brand Kiss No More Cuticles Cuticle Remover, exactly what I was looking for! I decided to get it too, plus a cuticle and nail balm from the same brand so I can condition my cuticles. This way, the next time they grow, they won't be as hard and easier to remove. Both are also P300++ each.  I also got a 4-way nail shaper (P70++) since they didn't carry a glass file. I heard somewhere that glass nail files are gentler on the nails than emery boards or metal files. All of them are available at Landmark Department Store in Trinoma.

Kwala Love

Kwala Love

I tried it and it was so easy to use! Just put a drop on each cuticle, wait for a few seconds and wipe off with a tissue. Don't leave it on for too long because the solution can harm your nail beds.

At night I also apply the cuticle and nail balm on my finger and toe nails, so I can keep them soft and conditioned. Dry cuticles are the hardest to remove, so better to maintain them with this balm so that they will be easier to clean.

I am so happy I discovered this solution to my cuticles! Now I have better looking nails! =)
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