Beauty Tips for Work-At- Home Moms

After years of yearning for it, it has finally happened. I have become a Work at Home Mom. It has its perks, but I discovered it’s not all roses either. Sure, I get to sleep in everyday, but I sleep real late too, depending on the projects I have to finish. This schedule wreaks havoc to my daily routine.  Often I get to take a bath at night instead of the usual morning.  With this kind of lifestyle, a mom can easily let herself go. It’s so easy to just tumble out of bed, fix breakfast for the hubby or the children, cook, clean, and work without even taking a peak in the mirror. What a big difference from my life back in the corporate world, where appearance is everything and work starts with a face fully made up and pulse points fragranced by perfume.

Being a work at home mom should not be an excuse to let one’s self go.  Here are some beauty tips for WAHMS like me.

Exercise. Being at home all the time opens you to the temptation of working right out of your kitchen, where all the snacks and goodies are found. Resist! And if you can’t, well just exercise. I try to hop on my elliptical trainer whenever I can. Operative word here is TRY…

Elliptical Trainer

Drink lots of water. You should always hydrate. So what if there’s no more water fountain in the corner to gossip in, you should still get your required 8 glasses of water. This will do wonders to your skin and your digestion. I use a Lock and Lock 750ml plastic bottle so I can monitor just how much water I’ve already consumed for the day.

Lock and Lock Water Bottle

Moisturize. All skin types are prone to dryness, yes even the oily types. Dryness is the biggest cause of wrinkles. ‘Nuff said. Moisturize! Twice a day, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to use sunblock as well. When I stepped into my 30’s, I started using Olay products, and now that I’m in my MID 30’s I’ve been pushed into liking the Olay Regenerist line.

 Use perfume or cologne.  Smelling good boosts confidence. So what if we’ve got nowhere else to go or meet for the day, spritz on some cologne and immediately feel the emotional boost it brings. I usually choose citrusy scents but lately I discovered this affordable scent from Bench: Purple by Kris Aquino. It is a Eau de Toilette at only P198 for a 30ml bottle. It smells girly and sweet. I love it!

I hope these tips help newbieWAHMs like me. Working at home is no excuse to be losyang. 


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