My Japan Home Loot

A few days ago, hubby and I were in Blue Wave Marquinton to have some pictures developed. We passed by the Japan Home Centre and just had to go in. We always do this, just to browse through aisles and aisles of various goodies. I was initially looking for a quirky coaster to put my coffee mug and water container on but I couldn't find any. What I did find was far more adorable! 

I found a cookie-shaped mug cover and a cutie Hello Kitty mouse pad.

Once you get past the wrong spelling, you'll get to appreciate the usefulness of this "mag cover" lol! 
I always complain of my coffee getting too cold too soon. Ever when ordering in Starbucks I ask for extra hot coffee because I can't drink cold coffee. I find it bleech! So I was so happy to find this mug cover that can be transferred to different mugs and actually fits most of them.

Recently, in my effort to plan my daughter's 7th birthday party, I have again discovered and renewed my love for everything pink and Hello Kitty. I have been trying to brain wash my daughter into choosing Hello Kitty for her theme but I am losing that battle in favor of the Disney Princesses. Oh well. Kitty always has a fan in me.

Here's my practical and yummy looking cookie mug cover in action. My Starbucks mug has a wide rim but can still be covered by my "cookie".

Here's my adorable Hello Kitty mouse pad. That's my lovely white wireless A4Tech Mouse on her. 
We bought the mug cover and the mouse pad for only P88 each!
Love, love, love! 
I'll have to go back and comb through the aisles again, who knows what treasure I'll find next time!

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  1. I love going around Japan Home and Saizen. Super cute ng stuff! :)


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