Independence and a Hedgren Shoulder Bag For My Birthday

I knew this year would be different from all the other years. I am at the precipice of something new and exciting. I am about to get what I have been craving for these years. Independence from corporate life. As I shared in this post, I will be a free woman starting January of next year, and to celebrate the “new me” I decided to give myself a gift. Of course I was turning 36 and birthdays are always a big deal but I wanted a symbol of my joy and happiness and of course independence. I decided I wanted to go shopping for a bag. None of the stuffy, corporate black leather bags for me, nope, I’ve had 15 years of my share of that. I wanted a bag I can wear with my jeans and sandals.           
I looked in several shops including lacoste, esprit and guess but I couldn’t find anything I wanted. I wanted a bag that is both casual and presentable for when I meet with clients. Of course it has to be roomy enough so I can haul my stuff around. I strolled in a Travel Club store, not really expecting anything since they are more known for luggage, but imagine my surprise when I saw colorful shoulder and laptop bags from Hedgren. 

I’ve heard of Hedgren from my brother-in-law years back. He bought a knapsack with the same brand name. So I knew it’s imported. I looked around and found the pink one so adorable. I wanted it immediately. Sadly they didn’t have it in the size that I wanted. The pink one was just too small. It won’t even be able to take in my bulky make up kit. So I opted for a nice medium sized one in mocha (it's actually iron according to their website).  I know, still a safe color, but I had no choice… at least it wasn’t black. 

I got the new Clapham Medium  from the Subway Collection. Here’s a description from their site:

Be wowed by this fresh, casual collection for girls and women who feel young at heart. These lightweight bags are perfect for a fun day out and an evening about town. 

Casual beauty

so roomy! perfect for me!

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