ELF Eyelid Primer

elf eyeshadow primer

elf eyeshadow primer 

elf eyeshadow primer

I have really oily eyelids. This is why whenever I try to put on eye make-up, it doesn't last that long. That's why I was so happy when I discovered that other people actually have this problem too. And that there are actually products out there that addresses this problem. I discovered this very affordable eyelid primer from Eyes Lips Face or E.l.f. It comes in this little tube and contains 5 ml of product. It comes with a wand with a spongy thing at the tip which makes application really easy. 

After all the skincare ritual (clean, tone, moisturize), apply this on the lids. It glides on the lids smoothly and leaves a powdery, matte feel to make the eyeshadow and eye liners stick on better and last longer. Even if you plan on just putting on gel liner, it is good to put primer first to avoid smudging. 

I can't remember how much it really costs but I think it was only about P129 or thereabouts. It is easily available at SM Department Stores at the Elf Make-up counters. 

When I did try this, I was so happy because it worked! Haha! My eyeshadow lasted longer. If you want it to last even longer, I guess you should put on more shadow. I put just enough to color my lids and it lasted up to after lunch, which is an improvement in my experience. 

Go ahead and try the elf eyelid primer. It is affordable, readily available, and really easy to apply. =)

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