My Dollar Store Beauty Haul

Last Monday,  after our Victoria Day outing,  I asked hubby to drop by the Dollaroma at the South Common branch.  I needed to pick some things up for the  house,  like dish brushes and spray bottles. I really didn't expect to buy any beauty supplies.  They I saw the Clairol Blow Dry Prep Mist and I remembered I needed a heat protection for my hair.  Daily shampooing and blow drying has left my hair so dry.

Clairol Blow Dry Prep Mist 
This spray comes with a light green tea scent that makes my hair smell so fresh.

Pantene Dry Shampoo
 In the same hair products aisle,  I also saw a small bottle of the Pantene Dry Shampoo.  I saw some girls use this in YouTube videos.  I also saw the powder variety.  I've always been intrigued.  Maybe if I use a dry shampoo a couple of times a week,  my hair can get some break from heat.
Pretty Polishes

I also picked up two nail polishes.  Even back in the Philippines,  I've been a fan of Sally Hansen and Wet N Wild nail polishes.  I found them easy to apply and quick to dry.  I picked up Hard Bitten by Sally Hansen,  which is this nice glittery powderblue,  and Grape Minds Think Alike by Wet N Wild,  a vivid berry shade.

Lastly,  I picked up a large bottle of liquid hand soap for only $2! We use this to refill our hand soap dispensers in the kitchen and the washroom. A small bottle of hand soap costs $1.25 already,  so buying this big bottle is definitely a better idea.

My family had so much fun in that shopping spree.  Everybody came out of the store with something to make him/her happy.  Hubby bought camping accessories like tent pegs and tarpaulins,  Bea bought sand,  similar to the Kinetic Sand she has been begging me to buy her.  (a steal at $3 compared to the $25 Kinetic Sand)

We had 2 big bags filled with various knickknacks,  all for $21! I love dollar store shopping!

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