Etude House Eyebrow Liner

Just before we left for Canada,  I had to let go of a lot of my kikay goodies: perfumes,  nail polishes,  make up.  Good thing I had girly cousins to give them go,  so I know my things went to good hands.

However, there were a few items I didn't let go of,  in fact I stocked with the intention to bring them with me to Edmonton.  I reasoned,  when we get here,  i didn't have the budget to try and find makeup supplies I'd be comfortable with.  At least I had something to use until I'm  comfortable enough to try different brands here.

The Etude House Eyebrow Liner is one of those make up supplies.  I loved the colour and the pigment.  I loved how the liner was shaped so that I can just swipe it on my brow giving it instant shape. It' s unique shape is very helpful to me and my shakey hand.  :) I also like the brush at the other end of the liner.  It's not the usual brush that tends to be misshapen after long use.

Now,  my liner is almost done.  I really have start shopping around for a new eyebrow liner...  Any suggestions?

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