Michael's and Washi Tapes

When my family and I first came to Canada,  one of the things I wanted to do first was visit Michaels and Staples.  Whe  I was still in the Philippines,  I heard so much about these stores in YouTube videos about planners.  I imagined them to be filled with aisles and aisles of planners and planner supplies. I was so excited!  However, when I was able to visit the branches here in South Common,  Edmonton,  I was a bit disappointed.  They didn't have many planners,  in fact I didn't see any at all.  Maybe it was just the branch I visited,  or the time, maybe they just had a major sale and still needed to stock up. I had better luck finding planners in Walmart,  not that many choices though.

Michaels is basically a craft store that caters to all kinds of crafty inclinations : painting,  knitting,  crocheting, jewelry making,  scrapbooking and more.  They also sell pretty ornamental plants and other knickknacks to beautify the home.  

I did see a lot of washi tapes,  and they were really pretty!  Too bad my budget was really limited.  The sight of those colourful tapes reminded me of the lot I had to give up when we migrated to Canada.  *sigh*  Moving on,  I decide to go and buy two sets of these thin washi tapes.  I never had them before,  plus I loved their simplicity. I got the pastel and vivid variety. 

I am trying to limit my planner-related purchasing, especially on the decorating front,  since I realized I still like my planners just clean and simple.  Those trips to Michaels ans Staples were really fun though,  I would like to go back again soon.  Are you into arts and crafts? Check out arts and crafts from Amazon here.  

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