ELF Eyelid Primer

elf eyeshadow primer

elf eyeshadow primer 

elf eyeshadow primer

I have really oily eyelids. This is why whenever I try to put on eye make-up, it doesn't last that long. That's why I was so happy when I discovered that other people actually have this problem too. And that there are actually products out there that addresses this problem. I discovered this very affordable eyelid primer from Eyes Lips Face or E.l.f. It comes in this little tube and contains 5 ml of product. It comes with a wand with a spongy thing at the tip which makes application really easy. 

After all the skincare ritual (clean, tone, moisturize), apply this on the lids. It glides on the lids smoothly and leaves a powdery, matte feel to make the eyeshadow and eye liners stick on better and last longer. Even if you plan on just putting on gel liner, it is good to put primer first to avoid smudging. 

I can't remember how much it really costs but I think it was only about P129 or thereabouts. It is easily available at SM Department Stores at the Elf Make-up counters. 

When I did try this, I was so happy because it worked! Haha! My eyeshadow lasted longer. If you want it to last even longer, I guess you should put on more shadow. I put just enough to color my lids and it lasted up to after lunch, which is an improvement in my experience. 

Go ahead and try the elf eyelid primer. It is affordable, readily available, and really easy to apply. =)

Cutie Mickey Mouse Ecobags

While Berto and I were shopping in the Robinson's Department Store in Festival Mall, shopping for last minute items we thought Berto would need for his outing with other photographer friends in Baler, we saw this cute ecobag near the counter. We all know that ecobags are so in nowadays since there are so many places that ban plastic bags. I am one of those people who own a lot of reusable bags, some received as gifts while some were bought out of necessity, but I always forget to bring them with me whenever I go out. So frustrating. I try to resisit buying these ecobags as much as I can because I already have a lot, but I just couldn't resist this mickey mouse bag! Berto loved it as well!

Mickey Mouse Reusable Eco Bag

View from the side

So affordable!
For only P39.75 it is so affordable. Now if I could only remember to bring it with me the next time I go out to shop!

Basic Personal Makeup Workshop held at Glambox Studio

A few days ago, I chanced upon Say Tioco Artillero's instagram account saying that she will be having a basic makeup workshop. I immediately texted her number to inquire if there were available slots. She replied in just a few minutes confirming that yes she still has a couple of slots l left. I decided I wanted to attend. I have been watching Say's YouTube beauty videos and vlogs and I find her funny and thorough in her reviews. Her videos are so amusing that I keep coming back for more!

I worked in corporate for years and when I first set foot in Makati, my makeup kit contained only my face powder and one shade of lipstick. Over the years, my kikay kit grew but I never really learned how to use makeup well. I would just make sure I powdered my face, lined my brows, curled my lashes (without mascara) and put on some lipstick then I'm good to go. I never learned the fine art of eyeshadow and blushes. I had no idea how to blend or contour or highlight.

Now that I work from home, have more time and opportunity to experiment with colors and makeup. So I decided to learn the basics thru YouTube videos, and that's where I got to "know" Say and other makeup gurus.

Yesterday hubby dropped me off at the Glambox Studio located at the corner of Gamboa and Salcedo streets in Legaspi Village Makati City. When I arrived Say was filming one of her videos which was a collaboration with her fellow YouTuber , a 12 year old girl who also gives make up tutorials for young girls. (I will have to check her channel out) it was fun watching the actual filming.. It gave me ideas on how I would film hubby in this project we're cooking up..

My first impression, this girl was taller than I expected. =) She looked smaller in her videos. And she's so bubbly, and perky, and nice.

Anyway, we only had 2 hours for the workshop. It started well enough with Say telling us tips about basic skin care, answering our questions . I have oily/combination skin and apparently I still needed to moisturize everyday. I just have to choose a water-based product so I won't be greasy.

She went on to explain the merits of putting on primer before applying makeup to make it last longer. She then took our "before" photo. She also taught us how to find out what the right shade of foundation for our skin tones. She proceeded to apply foundation on the model as she encouraged us to do the same ourselves. After the foundation came the powder, blush, eyebrows, eyeshadow, lashes and lipstick. She also taught us how to switch from day makeup to nighttime makeup.

Say let us use her products and brushes. She also had lots of tips and stories as she went along with the workshop. She would hop over from one participant to another checking our progress, answering our questions, demonstrating the correct technique. She then took our "after" picture.

In the end, 2 hours are just not enough! Haha... She gave us our certificates, recorded our comments for her vlog and even offered to trim the other girls' eyebrows. Too bad hubby and I had a photo coverage to go to or I would have stayed longer.

I do admire this young lady who has identified what she wanted to do with her life early on and is now pursuing her dreams. I really enjoyed Say's makeup workshop. I would recommend it to girls and professionals who'd want to learn the basics of putting on makeup. This July she will again be having a series of makeup workshops. For more info follow her on instagram @saytioco and subscribe to her YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/saytiocoartillero

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