Olivia + Joy New York Phone Wristlet - Stephanie Collection

Recently, I have taken to walking every break time in the office. It may be good for my health, but not so for my budget. It just so happens that I see shops, having wonderful sales, during these daily walks. How can I resist? Haha. Seriously, it is through my daily walks that I realized I needed a big wallet or a small pouch that can accommodate my phone and carry my cards and some cash as well. I always grab a medium cup of Tim Horton's coffee on my way back to work, so I definitely need to bring some form of money with me. Carrying both my phone and my wallet can be a hassle as I brisk walk through malls and bridgewalks Downtown.

I decided to walk in Winners at City Centre Edmonton and browse through the wallet section. I saw several cuties like a gorgeous pink Kate Spade and a black Ralph Lauren but they were out of my budget, even if prices have already been brought down massively. 

I settled on a cute Olivia + Joy New York phone wristlet in bright lipstick red. The color is so bright and brilliant, I know I won't have a hard time looking for it in my not-so-organized bag.

Olivia + Joy - Stephanie Collection in Lipstick Red

The accessory is described in the Olivia + Joy website as follows:

Our new multi-purpose phone wristlet is the Must Have accessory accessory this year! With a back zipper pocket, 6 card slots, one receipt pocket, and most importantly, a phone pocket; you can carry all your necessities in one fabulously chic wrislet! Chain wristlet strap is removable.

It retailed for USD $38 or around CAD $50 and I bought it at winners for the price of CAD $16.99. It is not available in their website anymore.

The card slots are enough for my basic cards. Good thing most store cards are now available as phone apps so I don't need to bring them with me all the time. It also has a plastic pocket where you can put a photo, or in my case, my ETS bus pass for easy access.  The phone pocket fits my Samsung Galaxy S4.

It also has a detailed back zipper pocket for coins. How convenient! It has a glamorous gold chain that you can wrap around your wrist, however I find it a bit heavy for my taste. Good thing it is removable.

I'm so happy with this shopping find. It really is very pretty. I ended up saving money, because simple phone cases sold in kiosks around the mall retails for $35-45. I was able for buy a brand name phone case / wallet for a fraction of that price! 

Now, back to brisk walking! 
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