Beautiful, Colourful Flowers for Me

My husband and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary and he surprised me by picking me up at school with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.  I'm sure there are more beautiful bouquets out there but this is the most beautiful I got from him so far! Women who married men not so fond of giving flowers will relate.  Haha.  In the Philippines,  I was lucky if I got a stem of rose from him, and for the longest time I resented that.  Then,  after years of being happy with him,  I just accepted that he's not that kind of guy.  I'd rather be a good husband and father,  than receiving beautiful flowers because he's trying to win me back or because he's trying to hide a misdeed.  Of course,  I have to mention that flowers in the Philippines were so expensive!  I guess he'd rather spend the money on dates or other gifts than on flowers that would wither and die after a few days.  

With My Bouquet 

Anyway,  I was so happy when I got these flowers because I know he exerted effort to get me the kinds I've always wanted.  They really smell nice too. Here in Canada,  bouquets come with plant/flower food that you'd mix with the water in the vase.  That,  plus the cool climate makes the flowers live longer. I get to appreciate hubby's gift longer! 

Although,  beautiful flowers are also a perfect mother's day gift,  I told hubby not to get me anymore flowers.  We have to be practical here,  my bouquet still sits in a vase in the middle of the living room,  still thriving! Of course,  he can still get me other gifts for mother's day...  Hint, hint, hint.  Haha! 

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