Project Life Beginner

I have always been a digital scrapper. I learned to scrapbook digitally when my daughter was born and I just felt the need to document our life through scrapbook layouts, but not being crafty at all, I just turned to Photoshop and ordered loads and loads of digital scrapbook kits. Then I would print the layouts in 8 x 11 size in the regular photo developer. But then life happened and I just lost my scrapping mojo.

Fast forward to today. I've been seeing Project Life for years now, and as always, I was interested in the digital aspect of it. I have an android smartphone so I couldn't do the Project Life App. So this year I decided to try my hand at it again. Being new immigrants in Canada, we were making memories and milestones everyday. I needed to document these moments again. This time I bought digital core kits from Project Life and used them to make layouts for my usual 8 x 11 size and printed on Matte paper at Shoppers. I just slipped them into regular plastic protectors from Staples.

It was also wonderful since they were having a sale in printing services. Just $1.99 instead of the usual $2.99. I was able to make several layouts this way, but then I thought preparing the digital layouts was still taking too much of my time. I needed something that will allow me to just print the photos, write the journaling and be done. Again, Project Life came to mind. I remember the video that Becky Higgins had when she was explaining the concept of Project Life, that it was meant to make the scrapbooker's life much easier, fuss-free and more importantly, guilt-free.

So last week,  I dragged my husband to Michael's. Downloaded the 40% off coupon, and just went to town! Scrapbooking albums were 40% also, so I bought 2. I also bought the big pack of page protectors, the Blush Collection and Strawberry Collection Core Kits, a photo box, a roller adhesive and Recollection scrap cardstock. My husband and I divided this loot among ourselves and use a coupon each to get 40% off the most expensive item.

My husband bought me a new Canon Selphy CP910 WS the week before from the Mcbain camera store at Southgate, and I just knew this would make my Project Life project a lot easier. We actually have an old Selphy that we used for our photobooth business, but this new one had wifi so I can print from my phone, laptop, even from my camera!


So I was able to do my very first weekly layout. It was nothing special, no embellishments or layers, I was so proud of my work! I've decided this is something I would like to stick to.

And so I took the plunge. Being excited about a project often means shopping for more supplies for me. So I went back to Michael's, used the 50% off coupons from the printed receipt, and bought more "essential" supplies like a corner rounder, some punches, rubber stamps, and one more core kit, Heidi Swapp's Favorite Things.

I realize now that many are moving from traditional and paper scrapbooking  to digital while I am moving from digital scrapbooking to the paper or hybrid one. Oh well. It makes me happy so I do it.

I was so excited about this project that I decided to make an album for my daughter too. We left her album in our home country when we left, and since we still have the digital files, I can make her an album again. After another trip to Michael's to buy another album, here is her title page.

I do hope to do this weekly. I am almost caught up now, just 3 more weeks to go, but I still have to got back from June to January 2015 and I intend to back-scrap 2014 too. Here's to a new scrappy adventure!

Olivia + Joy New York Phone Wristlet - Stephanie Collection

Recently, I have taken to walking every break time in the office. It may be good for my health, but not so for my budget. It just so happens that I see shops, having wonderful sales, during these daily walks. How can I resist? Haha. Seriously, it is through my daily walks that I realized I needed a big wallet or a small pouch that can accommodate my phone and carry my cards and some cash as well. I always grab a medium cup of Tim Horton's coffee on my way back to work, so I definitely need to bring some form of money with me. Carrying both my phone and my wallet can be a hassle as I brisk walk through malls and bridgewalks Downtown.

I decided to walk in Winners at City Centre Edmonton and browse through the wallet section. I saw several cuties like a gorgeous pink Kate Spade and a black Ralph Lauren but they were out of my budget, even if prices have already been brought down massively. 

I settled on a cute Olivia + Joy New York phone wristlet in bright lipstick red. The color is so bright and brilliant, I know I won't have a hard time looking for it in my not-so-organized bag.

Olivia + Joy - Stephanie Collection in Lipstick Red

The accessory is described in the Olivia + Joy website as follows:

Our new multi-purpose phone wristlet is the Must Have accessory accessory this year! With a back zipper pocket, 6 card slots, one receipt pocket, and most importantly, a phone pocket; you can carry all your necessities in one fabulously chic wrislet! Chain wristlet strap is removable.

It retailed for USD $38 or around CAD $50 and I bought it at winners for the price of CAD $16.99. It is not available in their website anymore.

The card slots are enough for my basic cards. Good thing most store cards are now available as phone apps so I don't need to bring them with me all the time. It also has a plastic pocket where you can put a photo, or in my case, my ETS bus pass for easy access.  The phone pocket fits my Samsung Galaxy S4.

It also has a detailed back zipper pocket for coins. How convenient! It has a glamorous gold chain that you can wrap around your wrist, however I find it a bit heavy for my taste. Good thing it is removable.

I'm so happy with this shopping find. It really is very pretty. I ended up saving money, because simple phone cases sold in kiosks around the mall retails for $35-45. I was able for buy a brand name phone case / wallet for a fraction of that price! 

Now, back to brisk walking! 

My Dollar Store Beauty Haul

Last Monday,  after our Victoria Day outing,  I asked hubby to drop by the Dollaroma at the South Common branch.  I needed to pick some things up for the  house,  like dish brushes and spray bottles. I really didn't expect to buy any beauty supplies.  They I saw the Clairol Blow Dry Prep Mist and I remembered I needed a heat protection for my hair.  Daily shampooing and blow drying has left my hair so dry.

Clairol Blow Dry Prep Mist 
This spray comes with a light green tea scent that makes my hair smell so fresh.

Pantene Dry Shampoo
 In the same hair products aisle,  I also saw a small bottle of the Pantene Dry Shampoo.  I saw some girls use this in YouTube videos.  I also saw the powder variety.  I've always been intrigued.  Maybe if I use a dry shampoo a couple of times a week,  my hair can get some break from heat.
Pretty Polishes

I also picked up two nail polishes.  Even back in the Philippines,  I've been a fan of Sally Hansen and Wet N Wild nail polishes.  I found them easy to apply and quick to dry.  I picked up Hard Bitten by Sally Hansen,  which is this nice glittery powderblue,  and Grape Minds Think Alike by Wet N Wild,  a vivid berry shade.

Lastly,  I picked up a large bottle of liquid hand soap for only $2! We use this to refill our hand soap dispensers in the kitchen and the washroom. A small bottle of hand soap costs $1.25 already,  so buying this big bottle is definitely a better idea.

My family had so much fun in that shopping spree.  Everybody came out of the store with something to make him/her happy.  Hubby bought camping accessories like tent pegs and tarpaulins,  Bea bought sand,  similar to the Kinetic Sand she has been begging me to buy her.  (a steal at $3 compared to the $25 Kinetic Sand)

We had 2 big bags filled with various knickknacks,  all for $21! I love dollar store shopping!

Love my Blog Through Bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin.  I am trying to update this blog more often.  I find that I enjoy sharing my finds and experiences with different products.  I may not shop that often,  but I will share the stuff I do buy.  :)

I just linked my blog to Bloglovin.  Follow me there!  Thanks!

Etude House Eyebrow Liner

Just before we left for Canada,  I had to let go of a lot of my kikay goodies: perfumes,  nail polishes,  make up.  Good thing I had girly cousins to give them go,  so I know my things went to good hands.

However, there were a few items I didn't let go of,  in fact I stocked with the intention to bring them with me to Edmonton.  I reasoned,  when we get here,  i didn't have the budget to try and find makeup supplies I'd be comfortable with.  At least I had something to use until I'm  comfortable enough to try different brands here.

The Etude House Eyebrow Liner is one of those make up supplies.  I loved the colour and the pigment.  I loved how the liner was shaped so that I can just swipe it on my brow giving it instant shape. It' s unique shape is very helpful to me and my shakey hand.  :) I also like the brush at the other end of the liner.  It's not the usual brush that tends to be misshapen after long use.

Now,  my liner is almost done.  I really have start shopping around for a new eyebrow liner...  Any suggestions?

Michael's and Washi Tapes

When my family and I first came to Canada,  one of the things I wanted to do first was visit Michaels and Staples.  Whe  I was still in the Philippines,  I heard so much about these stores in YouTube videos about planners.  I imagined them to be filled with aisles and aisles of planners and planner supplies. I was so excited!  However, when I was able to visit the branches here in South Common,  Edmonton,  I was a bit disappointed.  They didn't have many planners,  in fact I didn't see any at all.  Maybe it was just the branch I visited,  or the time, maybe they just had a major sale and still needed to stock up. I had better luck finding planners in Walmart,  not that many choices though.

Michaels is basically a craft store that caters to all kinds of crafty inclinations : painting,  knitting,  crocheting, jewelry making,  scrapbooking and more.  They also sell pretty ornamental plants and other knickknacks to beautify the home.  

I did see a lot of washi tapes,  and they were really pretty!  Too bad my budget was really limited.  The sight of those colourful tapes reminded me of the lot I had to give up when we migrated to Canada.  *sigh*  Moving on,  I decide to go and buy two sets of these thin washi tapes.  I never had them before,  plus I loved their simplicity. I got the pastel and vivid variety. 

I am trying to limit my planner-related purchasing, especially on the decorating front,  since I realized I still like my planners just clean and simple.  Those trips to Michaels ans Staples were really fun though,  I would like to go back again soon.  Are you into arts and crafts? Check out arts and crafts from Amazon here.  

Beautiful, Colourful Flowers for Me

My husband and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary and he surprised me by picking me up at school with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.  I'm sure there are more beautiful bouquets out there but this is the most beautiful I got from him so far! Women who married men not so fond of giving flowers will relate.  Haha.  In the Philippines,  I was lucky if I got a stem of rose from him, and for the longest time I resented that.  Then,  after years of being happy with him,  I just accepted that he's not that kind of guy.  I'd rather be a good husband and father,  than receiving beautiful flowers because he's trying to win me back or because he's trying to hide a misdeed.  Of course,  I have to mention that flowers in the Philippines were so expensive!  I guess he'd rather spend the money on dates or other gifts than on flowers that would wither and die after a few days.  

With My Bouquet 

Anyway,  I was so happy when I got these flowers because I know he exerted effort to get me the kinds I've always wanted.  They really smell nice too. Here in Canada,  bouquets come with plant/flower food that you'd mix with the water in the vase.  That,  plus the cool climate makes the flowers live longer. I get to appreciate hubby's gift longer! 

Although,  beautiful flowers are also a perfect mother's day gift,  I told hubby not to get me anymore flowers.  We have to be practical here,  my bouquet still sits in a vase in the middle of the living room,  still thriving! Of course,  he can still get me other gifts for mother's day...  Hint, hint, hint.  Haha! 
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