The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Nail Remover in Pink

As I promised myself in my previous post about nail polish,  I would buy another bottle from another brand because the one I was using didn't work as I expected it to.  So when I got  the chance,  I went to the nearby mall and got myself a bottle of The Face Shop Lovely ME:Ex Nail Remover.  Okay,  so I noticed that Koreans have a penchant for removing their "nails".  I don't know.... 

The important thing is I like this product so much.  Although it is acetone-based,  I didn't find it drying for my nails at all.  A big plus is its price.  It's only P95 for a  100ml bottle. It's so affordable! This is actually my second bottle. I don't often like a product that much to actually empty it and this is one of those very rare cases that I did finish a whole bottle. 

I also like it's cute pink color.  I'm not sure if it's available in any other color,  I've always seen the pink one.  It doesn't have an overly strong odor.  It has mild strawberry scent. It actually smells like Sally Hansen nail polish remover. 

I'm glad I got myself another bottle of this product.  :) 

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