I Finally Got A Fossil Leather Wallet

I have always been a fan of the Fossil brand. The hubby and I particularly like their watches, we own a couple of Fossil watches each. I've been wanting to get a leather item from them, maybe a bag or a wallet, but they're a bit on the expensive side. Their wallets and bags are made of pure leather and so supple to the touch.

One weekend, Berto and I met with a potential client somewhere in the south area. We dropped by Festival Mall. We had no idea they were having a big sale. We didn't really plan on shopping. We weren't looking for something particular to buy, we just had time to spare. We passed by the Fossil store and went in. They were clearing out their old stocks and some items were on sale for as much as 50% off! A leather wallet instantly caught my eye. It was a long wallet, actually they called it a clutch, in chestnut. I wanted it! It was originally priced at 5,000++ pesos but the sale price was for only 2,300 pesos. I got Berto's approval and got it! 

I love it's authentic leather smell! I finally have something from Fossil other than watches, will a bag come next? Hahaha, we'll see. As of now, I am so happy with my Fossil chestnut clutch. =)

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