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Yesterday, during my lunch hour, I decided to take a walk to Paseo Center. I wanted a new pouch for my Blackberry 9800 phone, and I remembered that there was sometimes a mini tiangge there in the middle of the center. An oasis of stores selling blouses, accessories, cosmetics and gadgets. Sadly when I got there, there was no more tiangge-style stores in the middle, instead they had kiosks selling different gadgets (I was too disappointed to even give the kiosk a second glance so I can’t tell you what exactly they sold).

I opted to visit the Office Warehouse instead.  Ever since we opened an office for our growing photography business, browsing through aisles of office supplies is a simple joy for me. Then I passed by the magazine stand… I tried to resist the urge to look through the front pages but they all looked too good and interesting. I was drawn particularly to Preview Magazine’s September issue since it featured the 3 most famous fashion bloggers in the Philippines, Tricia Gosingtian, Camille Co and Laureen Uy. I find them so amazing; so young and so in touch with themselves. They just know their fashion and just how to express themselves through clothes and accessories. This is mind boggling for fashion victim me, so I just had to buy this issue just to take a peek at just how they do it.  

Fashion Bloggers on Preview

I also picked up the August issue of Town and Country featuring Cristalle Belo Henares. Another young lady who seems to have it all figured out. For a 35 year old woman who is about to go through a life makeover, I needed all the inspiration I could get.

Cristalle Belo Henares on Town and Country

The magazines did not disappoint. Preview’s feature about the bloggers was well written. It gave readers a peak at they workflow, at how blogging can be serious business in itself or a wonderful stepping stone towards a career of one’s dreams. It goes on to discuss how blogging is not as simple as logging in, typing stuff and uploading pictures. It takes hours to post a blog, including the research and journaling. It takes much thought and dedication! Snaps for us bloggers, huh?

The magazine also features tons of beautiful clothes and make up that I had to wipe my drool off the pages. Argh! I just opened my copy of Town and Country and though I haven’t read the features yet, I have very happy to note that it has long articles about interesting people, not just pretty pictures. I intend to pore through the pages soon.

Though I am green with envy with these young  ones, I still hold on the belief that it is never too late to pursue one’s dreams. SO I trudge on this scary path of beauty and fashion and see where it leads me. In the meantime, I have linked the fashionable threesome’s blogs to mine so I can be kept up to date with their latest fashion finds and be inspired… maybe a fashion post soon? Aja!

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