Someone's Got A New Bag

Although I love Berto to bits, I have to admit he’s a not a guy who often gives gifts. So I was quite surprised when I he offered to buy me one.

When I was younger, I went through the typical girly phase of wanting to have lots of bags and wallets. I was never into clothes but bags and wallets were another matter. As I matured, these are some of the things I disciplined myself into giving up. I kept a few essential pieces then I disposed of the rest. I bought only when I really need to like when the old one is already broken. Lately, I have been wanting to get a new bag. I have my trusty office bag that’s large enough to keep all my stuff; my  camera bag which I use on photography gigs; my red Lacoste bag, a valentine’s gift from Berto. This is the bag I use on weekends, when I get together with my friends or when I’m out malling with Berto and Bea. I just got tired of lugging around a red bag all the time. It just begs for attention! Haha. So I decided I needed a quiet (boring) bag. An ordinary black one, one that I can carry around without hogging all the attention.  I simply mentioned it in passing to Berto as we passed by a store display of black bags. Imagine my surprise when he offered to buy one for me! Who was I to resist? That’s right, Kwala’s got a new black bag. (shown here with my latest read, Jessica Zafra’s Twisted Travels.)

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