Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Clear Stick

I admit I have been living under a rock, with only dual face powder and lip gloss with me to keep me primped up. I haven’t been aware of the latest trends in the cosmetics world. Imagine my surprise when I finally realized I needed supplies and saw this on the Maybelline counter: the Maybelline Clear Smooth B.B Stick. I thought, hmmm, a concealer? A lip balm? Apparently it was a BB cream in a stick… but what the heck is a BB cream?? (toldya it was pretty lonely under the rock I was living in)

Wonderful find at only P249

Well fellow makeup innocents, BB stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm. Ahhhh… Apparently it has been made popular here in Asia and recently big brands in North America caught on.

I bought one and tried it on. I was an instant convert! What I like about it is its stick form makes it so easy to apply. Just glide it on your face, like applying lipstick. It comes in such a small package so it is easy to carry around in your purse.

Priced at P249, it is pretty affordable. It has mineral clay which lessens the appearance of  pores and skin impurities without actually clogging them. Makes face less greasy too since it absorbs excess sebum or oil. It has SPF 21, so it also protect skin from harmful sun rays. It can be worn alone as light makeup or as a makeup base.

It has eight benefits in one stick. It gives your skin clear healthy flawless bare skin look:

Improved clarity
Lesser visible pores
Lesser greasy shine (perfect for oily skins!)
Long lasting shine control
Reduction in redness
Smoother skin
More even tone
More radiant

I got mine in the 01 Fresh shade. I love it! It gives almost complete coverage without the heavy and clogged feeling, plus my face ends up with a matte and powdery finish. My huge pores disappeared! Literally! I also put some on my pimples and it lessened their appearance giving an illusion of clearer skin. I also love the fact that when I got home, it was easy to remove too.

Late as I was in this BB bandwagon, I love that I finally got introduced to it through the Maybelline BB Stick. It is now part of my kikay kit!

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