Our First Shopping Trip in Edmonton, Alberta

Hello!  It has been a while!  The last time I posted in this blog,  we were still selling our stuff because we were moving to Canada permanently.  It's been almost a year since.  Currently,  I am a student and shopping has been very limited (not that I loved to shop anyway)  but I just wanted to share our very first shopping trip in Edmonton.  Ok... So it wasn't really a shopping trip but actually a necessary trip to the drug store for the bare essentials.  We packed so much stuff,  that we forgot the very basics like deodorant.  Too much information,  I know,  but that's the truth.

Shopper's Drug Mart loot

So,  we went to the nearby Shopper's Drug Mart at the Millwoods Town Centre. We bought deodorants for me and hubby,  a pack of Ivory soaps (on sale),  feminine pads,  floss,  cottoballs and petroleum jelly (for my daughter's rashes).   Our digestion seemed to be adjusting so I bought fibre supplements.  Although we arrived in summer,  we immediately felt the dryness of the air.  Our lips chapped easily and our skin got really dry.  So I also bought EOS lip balm and extra strength body lotion (oops!  Actually I bought the lotion at a Rexall Drug Store on a separate trip)

It was so hard to pay for the items because in my mind,  I was converting the dollar amount to Philippine peso,  and I just found everything too expensive. And they even add 5% tax on top of everything!  Waaaah!

It was quite an experience.  It was confusing actually.  Although, I saw familiar brands,  I was not familiar with the others. So I just grabbed whatever was on sale and bought that. :)

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